Denis Amorey

I'm an Artist

Oil Painter

I, like a hermit monk, roam this planet in search of beauty. I catch interesting shots on my camera to show them to my viewers through the prism of my vision in my oil paintings.

Ukrainian artist, portrait oil painter, photographer.

From early childhood, I felt a craving for drawing and painting, but I never joined this art from childhood.

My time came when I was 34 years old.  I stopped daydreaming and started writing, no training, no mentor, just enjoying the process.  My development as an artist was largely through intuition and close attention to the work of other artists.  Training is important.  However, I collected all my knowledge bit by bit from different sources.  This is my way.

Since 2021, I have been living and enjoying creativity on the beautiful island of the Gods in the Indian Ocean – Bali.  I immersed myself in the color of the local culture of the island, capturing interesting moments on camera.  I feel like a hermit monk who is looking for his Shambhala in this world.  It is important for me to convey through the prism of my vision the boundless beauty that I see.

My goal is to concentrate my viewer on the beautiful. We program our world depending on the focus of our attention on certain thoughts, feelings, emotions.

Let's turn to the beautiful, create that harmonious world that we dream of, take responsibility not only for our actions, but also for our thoughts, uproot all the weeds, leaving the seeds of goodness, love, joy, harmony, happiness, beauty, health, abundance, tenderness, care!

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